The Road to Product Video Success by Invodo

Art DirectionGraphic DesignTypography

The Road to Product Video Success is an ebook and print piece in which Invodo presents tips for a better video based online presence. The project was conceived as a way to present best practices in a fun, engaging way which complimented Invodo’s summer conference marketing collateral. I had the pleasure of creating the concept and developing assets to drive it home, including the development of the interactive map, the photographic treatment, the layout and the use of topographic maps for texture. The interactive ebook was such a hit we decided to have hardcopies printed. Art Direction, Design & Layout: Duncan Robertson Copy Writing: Claire Queally Photo Source:

In the interactive PDF the map in the table of contents links to tips throughout the document.
The theme of a summer road trip travel guide was developed to relay the helpful hints in a progressive, story-telling, and engaging way.
In the print version QR codes connect readers to the video content referenced in the tips.
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