Duncan Robertson

Duncan Robertson is a designer, musician, and photographer who finds satisfaction in working hard, working smart, and exploring new possibilities. Duncan enjoys playing basketball and soccer, and hiking the hills around Austin and West Texas. A cultural connoisseur, he is a confessed music buff, foodie, consummate art student, and comedy nerd. Above all, Duncan values authenticity, trueheartedness, and an open-mind in his friends and colleagues.

Duncan Robertson is a graduate of the MFA Communication Design program at Texas State University, the host of Makeready podcast, and a talented graphic designer. His work is founded on balance, authenticity, and quality. Duncan welcomes differences, iconoclastic, and progressiveness. His ultimate goal is to conspire with clients and colleagues with discerning and enlightened design sensibilities, to question standards, unveil candid assumptions, and generate rewards from the experience of co-creation.

Some of my clients


Darwork is an initiative rooted in design, with dreams of hosting a series of podcasts and blogs, publishing books and zines, organizing live events and conferences, designing for clients, and facilitating design discourse. This practice and its work are founded on balance, authenticity, and quality. Darwork exists for concepts, causes, conversation, and collaboration with creative minds where design sensibilities are valued. Here being different, iconoclastic or progressive is seen as a good thing. Darwork conspires with clients with discerning and enlightened design sensibilities to question assumptions, unveil candid assumptions, and generate rewards from the experience of co-creation.
Makeready Podcast

Makeready podcast is an Communication Design MFA thesis idea designed to take flight in the “real world.” On Makeready podcast Duncan Robertson plays host to designers and other creative people whose work and spirit he admires. Each episode is a conversation between Duncan and his guest about how their career has developed and how they make their ideas happen for a living. This online radio show is a forum for discussion about creative career development, professional practices, and finding a way to feel satisfied with our work. The project overall is an exploration of the need for us to share differing definitions of success, business strategies, philosophies, and practical lessons learned through experience.

For the 2014 MFA Student Thesis Show Duncan is launched the podcast presenting the first three episodes via listening stations in a gallery setting. Please look for new episodes at www.makereadypodcast.com, follow the show on Twitter at @makereadypod, and subscribe via iTunes in the coming weeks. New episodes will be posted on a weekly basis over the corse of the coming months
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